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Episode 2 Forgive Them…Luke 23:34

A Changing Point

After this amazing salvation experience, I walked home, or more like walked on air while dancing all the way home.  Upon my arrival, I found much tension in the house.  So, being so full of the Joy of the Lord, I shared with my dad who was sitting in his chair my salvation story; I just got saved!  I didn’t know what to expect for a reaction as I’ve never been saved before, but I wasn’t prepared for the punch to my face for telling my story.  That was the beginning of when I can say was the turning point of my childhood; our entire family direction was changed and changed for the worse. 

As I continued to go to church every Sunday, I just knew that I would be beaten with my dad’s fist or kicked with his boots or just get pummeled or however he seen appropriate that day.  Variety of abuse seemed somewhat welcomed in a strange way. It allowed the beaten parts of my body to recover somewhat before the next pummeling. This affected the entire family as my mom in the beginning tried to defend me only to fall victim to this abuse as well.

A Deeper Understanding

Holy Spirit gave me the strength to just take it.  He told me that, “this is what it looks like when someone is following Satan and has not chosen the path of the cross.”  My heart cried for my dad as I began to realize at the age of 11 the impact of bondage; how bondage can destroy a person from within without any external chains.  He needed freedom, so my message to him was a message of love.  I never challenged him, his authority or prevented him from abusing me.  I simply smiled and told him that, “Jesus loves him and that I forgive him.”

It made him change from anger to rage, but I was determined to set an example to my dad of what Godly love looks like.  Dad never knew love.  He was abused as a child himself.  His mother died when he was 6 years old.  His dad took all of his anger at the loss of his wife out on his son, my dad.  Compassion for my dad grew even though his rage accelerated. 

Teenage Years

The abuse continued and then one of the most significant moments happened when I was 14 years old.  The following is one of the many instances, but the most devastating. On Saturday he was mad about me missing a pile of dog poop in our backyard that I failed to pick up.  It was my responsibility to clean that up.  He felt that what I done I did purposefully and that somehow, I was responsible for him stepping in it, like I was just crouching invisibly and plunked that pile of poop right under his foot. What came out of his mouth next is was one of the hardest pronouncements that I had to overcome, and spent most of my life breaking its power over me.  He looked at me and said “See that pile of poop (but he used a vulgar word) that’s you, that’s your life and that’s all you’ll ever become, a piece of poop”.

He then forced me into the family room and said that he would be right back because he was going to fix this problem once and for all.  He returned with a gun. I knew that God had to be my everything in this moment as I stared at him wondering if this was all there was to my life.  How could he hate me so much or hate the Lord who was in me? A true glimpse of how much the enemy hates God, what happens in the spiritual realm was acting out in the natural one at this moment. So many thoughts raced through my head, but I wasn’t afraid.  One of the most challenging times is when your dad put a gun in your back and tries to force you into the burning fireplace.  The heat was intense and I could feel the burning of my clothes and I felt my hair burning and the stench of the burning.  Mom happened to come in and tried to stop dad.  Well, she was now the victim of his abuse as he beat her too.

This was my introduction on how real God truly is.  I felt honored to have just a small glimpse of what torture Jesus endured to save me, to save all of us.  Jesus is my hero, my role model of character and my savior.  I will be sharing more about how the power of Holy Spirit enabled me to overcome all of this. Choose to forgive, release, and bless all those that have hurt you and you will be free.

James Wheeler is a son of God, loving husband, daddy, Co-Writer, Teacher, Speaker, Mentor, & Financial Professional

James Salvation Life Story Part 1

Episode 1 of my Early Years

One of my earliest memories happened when I was around 4 years old.  My family would go over to my mom’s parent’s house on Sunday’s.  Those were good memories of my dad being kind, my mom having fun, my sister was happy, and I was already searching for answers.  On Sunday my sister and I would join our grandparents at church.  I do not remember the songs or messages, but the message of God’s love was clear.  Those hymnal songs echo the love message of an amazing savior who was already chasing me down, calling me. 

After church it was lunch time.  Grandma would warm up the cast iron pan and make grilled cheese sandwiches.  There was just something about that Velveeta cheese, Kilpatrick’s white bread and plenty of butter on both sides that made it taste so delicious.  The aroma of love from the melting cheese was so delightful.  Grandma made them so perfectly, so tasty!  I can still taste those moments, and all the flavor of that sandwich at any moment, lovely moments no matter if it was sunshine or rain.

The day would be filed with so much outdoor activities of fun; building hand pushed go carts, stilts and much more.  The evening was dinner, Hee-Haw, Lawrence Welk, and the Wonderful World of Disney.  I mostly just enjoyed the togetherness that we all shared.  There was so much laughter as everyone was watching the humor of Hee-Haw.  Every adult just spoke for hours talking about everything.  My grandpa was such a gentle man, so sweet to my grandma.

            Changing Years

Life seemed to continue, on a relatively normal path for the next few years.  Then the phone call came in.  It was my dad’s sister who still lived in Illinois where my dad grew up.  Their dad died.  When my dad returned from the funeral, I was about 10 years old and I began to see some subtle changes in my dad.  He wasn’t as patient or kind.  He was getting a little physical with mom, my baby brother Jeff, and me.

 But then I did something, and it changed everything.  I went to church all on my own.  It was Landmark Missionary Baptist Church in San Jose that I walked to and met Jesus. I am not the person who wrote the date down, but I was saved in the summer between my 5th and 6th grade of school the best that I can remember.

At the end of the Sunday school class the teacher, Mr. John asked, “if anyone wanted to know Jesus.”  I did, but I was so shy.  I was going to tell him yes after class, but other kids stayed around to talk to John.  The following Sunday it was a repeat of last week.  So, on the third Sunday I quietly prayed that everyone would leave so I could talk to John at the end of class.  When class ended everyone left.  It was just me sitting on the chair.  John, who was a big man, knelled and asked me if I wanted to know Jesus. “I said yes,” and he led me in the best Baptist sinners’ prayer.  Bam, I was saved!  A few months later, I was baptized with my sister.  Great moments!  Stay tuned for the additional episodes of my most amazing life! Yes, my book will be coming soon!! Thank you!

James Wheeler is a son of God, loving husband, daddy, Co-Writer, Teacher, Speaker, Mentor, & Financial Professional

Tanya’s Salvation Story

Hi, my name is Tanya Wheeler, and this is my story of how I came to know Jesus. I was born into a Ukraine Christian family, but it was more of a religious traditional way. After my family moved to America, I went to a Ukraine church on a regular basis.  It was hard staying at home with my family because of the challenges in the house. My safe runaway place to go and hide away from problems was church and just about anything else that was about God. I would dress with long skirts and covering over my head.  I did not fully understand who God was and this was just part of my culture. People would call me holy Tanya, because I acted, performed and dressed as a deeply religious person. I liked to pray, but I did not know what a real relationship with God was.

I only knew about God, but not who He was for me personally. I thought that I had to go through a prophet to hear from God. I remember when I was 16 years old, I got water baptized, and I wanted to serve God with a husband, become a missionary and travel to different places. I thought I was saved because I was born into a Christian family, went to church, read the Bible and prayed. I never heard no one preach or say about the sinner’s prayer.

Before I met Jesus, I felt that I had to earn and do good works to be holy and pleasing to God, to hear Him and to go to Heaven. When I was 18 years old, I wanted to know the truth and what love is. I desired for someone to love me. I needed to know who God was and to hear from Him directly. I had to pray with a prophet or a Pastor to hear from God on what I need to do and make a big decision. It made me sad and confused why I had to depend on someone higher to hear from God. I began to question “why I could not hear Him for myself?” When I went to church, I felt the warmth and presence of His love, but I never experienced my own salvation moment.

After I got married and had two beautiful daughters, and I had begun to encounter more of the Lord. I remember a time when I was searching for something that I knew was missing in my life, missing on the inside of me. I longed for truth, to know who God truly is, and what makes a true Christian life. I wanted someone to love me. I finally had that experience and it truly has changed my life. In 2005 I went to a Russian Church Encounter retreat, where my heart was opened, and I allowed others to serve me. I had kept so many things of pain inside of my hard heart. For all these years without feeling much of anything, until I encountered God and got healed and delivered from rejection and so much pain inside of my heart. I cried like a little child for a long time.  I felt like the worse sinner ever. The warm presence of His love created that search in my heart to know more about Jesus, a longing that was now growing.

 I remember having my life be okay, but there was a piece of me missing. I knew I needed something more to fill in that void. I experienced a deep desire inside of my heart for more of God and so I went into my room alone shut the door, got on my knees and prayed.  I saw myself, a young blonde little girl running to God and Jesus picked me up to Himself. I knew He loved me. My Heavenly Father is always with me and for me and loves me so much. Then we moved to Florida from California.

 I never understood what a real relationship with God was until March of 2008yr in Florida, 10 years later. I felt it in my veins, my heart racing with anger and persistence at the same time. It was like I had to pray many hours to hear from God and that I was good enough. This raging time with God where I felt like God must hear me because I spent so much time with Him, and it seemed all for nothing. My emptiness and depression from frustration with God and life drove me into a mindset of suicide. I remember reading Proverbs 3:7, “Be not wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord, and turn away from evil.”  After that I heard Joyce Meyer speak on TV, she was talking about the salvation and welcomed us to repeat a prayer after her. I did repeat that prayer for the first time in my life. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I then realized that is the day that I got saved and my life has really changed. I knew what grace and love of God was. I have always longed for a real relationship with God ever since. My spiritual eyes were open, I understood what the gospel and love of God was.

When I talked to my oldest brother about my salvation, he said that he did hear the salvation prayer in church we went to. I thought it Interesting how for 28yrs my eyes were closed to hear about the salvation prayer, until my lowest point God reached out to rescue and to save me. In order to become a Christian, I just prayed, repented and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. The salvation was so simple and easy, I did not have to be perfect to receive Jesus into my heart.  I can come just as I am, even in my worst condition. He came to save me. He has pursued and chosen me from the beginning of the world to know Him personally.

Before I knew about Him, but now I know him personally and intimately. Now that I have become a Christian, my salvation experience, I am growing more in the knowledge of who God is for me. He answered my biggest question, of what real love is like and that I can hear His voice for myself. I have reached out to a couple women that have lost their faith and they came back to the Lord Jesus Christ. I feel amazing having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I love and enjoy being alone with the Lord, going to church and having fellowship with other believers in home groups. Every day I set aside a quiet and alone time with the Lord to gaze upon Him and experience His love and presence. I hear Him speak inside of my heart and mind. He brings peace and comfort into my whole being to be strong in Him.

When I think about God as my Heavenly Father who is Good, so kind, and such a loving God. I pray and desire for all to know, understand and experience God’s love. I still have some questions. I admit that I still have many struggles with fears, worry’s, anxiety, stress, doubts of life challenging circumstances. But knowing and having God’s love is where I run to every time. The unconditional love of God changes me inside of my heart. I am so aware even more of that because of what I have, and I now know. What is love, and really is that it is safe and pure and right and that relationship with Him just makes me even become more closer to Him in the midst of many trials. I have learned many lessons and I am still in process.

A decade ago, I had a missionary come across the beach where I lived and said that I need to write my story and it is to be told. I wanted to write a book about having a relationship with God. I want to share with many people about God’s unconditional love that changed my life forever. I am not the same, I am a new creation, and I love God even more today. Now I want to write a blog and share about the love of God which is the greatest gift and the story of my life.

I had divorced an abusive man and remarried to an amazing man of God who loves me like Christ loves the church. Our love with each other resembles the love of God. We are in the process of writing our first book together about, “The Power of Choosing Love. Why Broken Pieces fit perfectly together.” Amazing story of God’s redemption work in our marriage. How He is restoring and healing us to help and give hope to many singles wanting to be in a relationship and marriage mentoring.

I have recommitted my life to the Lord many times ever since to serve Him and follow Him. The more I understand who God is, I receive an even deeper inner healing. But now I can look forward to the future because God is putting all my pieces together for His glory. I have graduated from William Jessup University with BA in Business Administration with Project Management concentration. I plan on pursuing my calling to writing books, speaking, teaching, and sharing the love of Jesus with everyone. That is my story. 


Tanya Wheeler is a wife, mom, hope writer, prayer warrior and marriage mentors with her husband James Wheeler. Loves Jesus and inspires people to know and experience the love of God. BA Degree in Business Administration.

We are the Servants of the Living God

James and Tanya Wheeler are servants of the Living God. We minister to people’s lives and point them to the loving Heavenly Father. We are marriage mentors here to help marriages heal and get restored. We are fully convinced that all broken relationships can be made whole in Jesus Christ. We love helping singles to prepare for their future spouse by choosing wisely.  We have personally lived out in our relationship, prior to our marriage, the joy of purity.

The areas we are helping people in “the wheel of life” is in Marriage, Relationships, Love, Identity, Spirituality, Books, Mind, Forgiveness, Health, Financials, Social, Healing, and Fun.

Tanya Wheeler, a daughter of God, is a wife, mom, hope writer, prayer warrior, and marriage mentor. I Love Jesus and inspiring people to know and experience the love of God. BA Degree in Business Administration.

James and Tanya Wheeler live in the California where we serve many couples. James and Tanya have a blended family of three grown children, one teenage daughter and two grandchildren.

James Wheeler is a son of the one and only true living God, loving husband, daddy, Co-Writer, Teacher, Speaker, Marriage Mentor, & Financial Professional for 13 years

We are passionate about encouraging couples in their walk with the Lord, their marriage and knowing who they are in Christ Jesus. We are in process of writing our first book called, “The Power of Choosing Love, Why Broken Pieces can fit Perfectly Together.  We love to give nuggets of truth about what we have received and learned in our personal lives.  One of our goals is to help you to avoid the pitfalls that we’ve made in the past and to make wise choices going forward.  Our desire, our life goal and calling is to be the example to many people of what a real true Godly love should look like as we resemble Christ love through our lives. We want to see relationships become whole as we were designed to have.

I want to inspire you by sharing my story. I am so thankful to the Lord for blessing me with most precious gift, my husband James Wheeler, who I love and honor dearly unto the Lord. How God is restoring and healing our blended family. How we can help and encourage so many singles and marriage couples in relationships, with the love and hope of Jesus Christ. I am so thankful to the Lord for His redemptive work in my life, which has produced an amazing marriage. We do marriage mentoring and now in the process of writing our book called, “The Power of Choosing Love”, Why Broken Pieces Can Fit Perfectly Together.” There is hope, healing and restoration in any relationship. God can mend and heal every area of our lives’ if we choose to trust God and love others daily. I pray many blessings over marriages, singles, divorced, remarriages, blended families, single moms and dads. Be strong, obedient, and faithful to the end unto the Lord, and He will bless you with the right partner for life as He did it for me, He can do it for you.


Tanya Wheeler