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Episode 2 Forgive Them…Luke 23:34

A Changing Point After this amazing salvation experience, I walked home, or more like walked on air while dancing all the way home.  Upon my arrival, I found much tension in the house.  So, being so full of the Joy of the Lord, I shared with my dad who was sitting in his chair my […]

James Salvation Life Story Part 1

Episode 1 of my Early Years One of my earliest memories happened when I was around 4 years old.  My family would go over to my mom’s parent’s house on Sunday’s.  Those were good memories of my dad being kind, my mom having fun, my sister was happy, and I was already searching for answers.  […]

Lord Teach Me How to Pray

One of my first prayers was “Lord teach me how to pray.” It is the beginning of humility and opening your heart to God to help you in your prayer. Learning how to pray is one of the most fundamental and needed skills in our experience of following the Lord.Hebrews 11:6, ESV: “And without faith […]

New Beginnings

Do You Want to See a Change in Your Life? It Begins with Me

Hi, my name is Tanya Wheeler, and this is my story of what God has been teaching me lately. Recently, I sensed an urge to write about my most recent experience with my mom, and the real change in her life after she almost died in the hospital due to COVID19. I wanted to see […]

Tanya’s Salvation Story

Hi, my name is Tanya Wheeler, and this is my story of how I came to know Jesus. I was born into a Ukraine Christian family, but it was more of a religious traditional way. After my family moved to America, I went to a Ukraine church on a regular basis.  It was hard staying […]

We are the Servants of the Living God

James and Tanya Wheeler are servants of the Living God. We minister to people’s lives and point them to the loving Heavenly Father. We are marriage mentors here to help marriages heal and get restored. We are fully convinced that all broken relationships can be made whole in Jesus Christ. We love helping singles to […]

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